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5 ways to outsmart the FLU

16 May 2017

5 Ways To Outsmart The Flu

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The flu virus has sneaky ways of evading your body’s immune system. It comes in different types and its constantly mutating. In a closed environtment like an office or school, it’s difficult to avoid contact with people who have the flu. Here are some ways on how you can prevent flu:

Load Up On Immune Boosting Food:

-Cut back on fatty foods and eat lots of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants to boost your immune system.

Rest Well:

Get plenty of sleep and manage your stress.

Wash Your Hands Often:

The most common places for germs to enter your body are the eyes and nose. So, wash your hands well with soap and water, taking care to clean your fingertips, under your nails and between your fingers, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Stay Away:

If possible, avoid contact with people who are sick with the flu.

Get Vaccinated:

The world health organization (WHO) recommends a yearly flu vaccine for all persons aged 6 months and older to keep symptoms at bay.


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