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Diabetes Kidney Disease

1 September 2016



Diabetes Kidney Disease

Did you know that diabetes ultimately results in kidney disease?

In Malaysia, diabetes kidney disease (DKD) accounts for 58% of end stage kidney disease. It is also known as a silent killer.

Kidney acts like a sieve that remove toxins from body, it is also helps maintaining the water balance, produces hormones needed in making red blood cells and maintain healthy bones.

If kidney is damaged, it can no longer filter out the toxins from the blood. Blood and water balance is affected, it can cause water retention and can cause heart and lung problem. In that case, someone with kidney problem will fall sick due to toxins in their blood, patient will experience nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness and anemia.

At this point, kidney failure is just a step away and need dialysis or kidney transplants. Once (DKD) start presenting symptoms, the kidney is already damage and loss 10% of its function.

Preventing kidney damage is not possible but slowing the deterioration is. Keeping blood sugar and blood pressure level in check, low carbohydrate diet, low fat diet and low protein intake is very important because it need to reduce the heart complication and reduce stress on kidneys. Regularly exercise and proper adhere to medication is important for keeping our body healthy and maintain the circulation of our blood in our body.


By Dr. Loo Chee Yean, Consultant Nephrologist & Physician (Fit For Life-Advertorial)