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Hand Hygiene

17 June 2017

Hand Hygiene Awareness Day 


Hand washing is the single most important procedure to prevent hospital – acquired infection.

Every year on May 5th, the World Health Organization (WHO) send out their annual call to action to increase awareness and instances of effective hand hygiene. This year the campaign theme is ‘ Fight antibiotic resistance -it’s in your hands and infection prevention and control programmes in the on – going global battle against antibiotic resistance. Hand Hygiene is advocated the reduction of multi drug resistant organism.

Objective of the event that done this year at Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre on 5th May 2017 as follows :

To raise awareness of hand hygiene

-To improve the quality and safety of patient care.

-To increase the compliance rate of hand hygiene

-To stop the spread of germs between patient and between staff and patient.

-To protect the patients and the caregivers.

Thank you for infection control team successfully done the celebration. Many thanks to all those entered competition and share their posters how they increase hand hygiene compliance in their each unit.

The committee team met regularly to creatively plan the event every year of the booth in level 3 with posters, games puzzles and questions with answer regarding hand hygiene. Those who answer correctly were rewarded with gift. In addition, patients & families are encouraged to participate.

It was heartening to work collaboratively  with nurse managers, staff nurses, clinical educator/clinical instructor, health care assistance, ward clerk/potters, administrative support staff doctors and other supportive departments included nursing management.

Our hospital uses a standardized hand hygiene audit tool that was developed to measure compliance of hospital staff. When infection control team audited the hand hygiene compliance on our unit the compliance rate was 75% on Feb 2017. Had alcohol foam hand rub placed outside of the patient doors to help remind staff to use before entering patients room. Following implementation of the program, the hand hygiene compliance increased.

We are grateful for the commitment, hard work and dedication of the following supporter of the organized successful hand hygiene day.

By Madam Thila Veeran, Clinical Instructor Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre.