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New Born Hearing Screening

Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre is the 1st private hospital in Klang which offers the latest newborn hearing screening facilities.

1 out of every 250 babies has a significant hearing loss at birth. Hearing loss in babies is easy to overlook because it is not visible.

More than half of babies born with hearing loss appear to be healthy and have no family history of impaired hearing.

Newborn hearing screening is important to ensure that your baby has normal hearing as the first 6 months of life are the most crucial for speech development.

The screening equipment gives results as PASS or REFER (does not pass). If your newborn gets a PASS, your infant’s hearing is normal.

If your baby gets a REFER, more testing is needed by an ENT surgeon.

The procedure

A baby’s hearing can be screened within 24 hours of life. The hearing test available at Sri Kota performs the Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) which incorporates the innovative features of the MAICO MB11 BERAphone.

Why Choose MAICO MB11 BERAphone

  • Screening is less intrusive i.e. babies are less likely to wake up
  • No electrodes to remove from baby’s skin which would sometimes leave red marks especially in NICU cases
  • Recommended even for baby with traumatic births
  • Time efficient & fast
  • No consumables i.e. no electrode pads, probes, wires to apply and remove which may be uncomfortable for newborns
  • Less preparation and handling of baby

Should you have further questions, please call our ENT Clinic for answers.

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