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Thyroid Disease

25 March 2017

Video Assisted – MIS -for Thyroid Disease



Thyroidectomy is  complete or partial removal of  thyroid gland diseased.

Routinely Thyroid operation is done by Classical Open technique. In this procedure an Incision is insert on the lower part of the Neck,  Skin Flaps are developed and Thyroid operation is performed.

The neck incision is closed back with fine delicate sutures. In time most of this scar will not be very obvious. Unfortunately in some people this scar may be obvious.




Thyroidectomy now a days can be done by;

1  Minimal  Incision in the neck- Open  surgery

2  Videoscopic Approach ;

2.1 There is small incisions in front of Neck & by using Endoscopic Camera system to assist Thyroid gland removal.

2.2 Two or three Incisions will be made in the Axilla/Areolar margin of the Breast & Upper arm

by using Endoscopic Camera system Thyroid gland  Is removed. If the Gland is bigger one of the Axillary Incision is enlarged and the gland is removed.

As the bigger incision is in the Axilla it is  Hidden and 3 e NOT Conspicuous.

2.3  Trans Oral Route  .

3  ROBOTIC  Assisted Axillary Technique.

4  Remote Access  Thyroidectomy ( RAT)–Upper Neck Hair Line Approach.

At Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre, we offer-Open Classical Thyroidectomy & Minimal Incision Thyroid Surgery and Videoscopic  Axillary approach Surgery known as ABBA/BABA.

Dr. Anantha Kumar Chinnaswamy, Consultant General & Endo-Laparascopic Surgeon