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24-Hour Emergency Services & Ambulance Services

Our 24-hour Accident & Emergency Department is located on the Ground Floor. A team of health care professionals comprising of experienced resident medical officers, skillful nurses and complete support team are the front liners for the emergency medical care. They liaise closely with our Specialists who are scheduled to be on call.

In case of an emergency, call us at 03-3375 7799 ext. 7022/7032
If you need ambulance service, call 03-3371 5005 (St. John Ambulance)

Our A&E department has:

  • Triage area
  • Private Consultation Rooms
  • Observation area
  • 24-hour Outpatient Clinic
  • 24-hour Specialists on Call
  • 24-hour Pharmacy, Imaging & Laboratory Services
  • Comprehensive Blood Examinations