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What is intensive care?

There are numerous definitions of intensive care in existence which by their very nature are brief, precise statements which may not necessarily provide a comprehensive understanding, or picture of the speciality. However, the following definitions do share some common themes.

  • To provide care for severely ill patients with potentially reversible conditions.
  • To provide care for patients who require close observation and / or specialized treatments that cannot be provided in the general.
  • To provide care for patients with potential or established organ failure, commonly the lungs.
  • To reduce avoidable morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients


The ICU, CCU and CICU is located at the 8th Floor of the hospital, the same level as operating suite with Invasive Cardiac Lab, within the complex.

Levels of intensive care

Sri Kota able to provide level 2 ICU service, which the unit shall be able to provide invasive mechanical ventilation and invasive hemodynamic monitoring. Operating this unit by anaesthetist is essential. The nurse to patient ratio shall be 1:1. Currently we have 8 beds.


  1. Provide competent and effective critical nursing management for the critically ill clients.
  2. Establish effective team management approach among paramedics and consultants and other healthcare disciplines.
  3. Maintain standard of quality care through quality improvement programmes, supervision and teaching of healthcare providers
  4. Maintain standard precaution for prevention of Nosocomial infection.



While the imperative that safety measure is adhered in all parts of the hospital, there are significant factors that further heighten safety awareness in the ICU.

  1. The abundance of electrical equipment’s
  2. The dependence of the patients
  3. The presence of oxygen (a combustible gas).

This requires all equipment to be checked prior to use by Bio-medical staff. Besides, all equipment to be regularly maintained, plan preventative maintenance every 6 months.

LIOM (Line Isolation Overload monitors) was installed in 2017 to monitor total hazard current and overload current.

Visitors facilities

There are waiting area for visitors to wait. Visiting time are flexible. Only two person at times are allowed to visit a patient. Children below 12 years old are not allowed to enter ICU.


Mobile Phone

Mobile phones should not be used in the vicinity of medical electrical equipment’s as their signal can cause artefacts and alarm conditions.



The critical care unit has 8 beds, catering for general intensive care, cardiothoracic care, cardio-coronary care, neurosurgery and, High Dependency Unit, and Telemetry monitoring. It provides treatment and nursing care for the multidisciplinary critically ill patients who require close monitoring and life support system. It is the tertiary referral ICU for the Klang Valley. Now 8 beds are licensed for utilization with Critical Care and High Dependency beds. The unit function 24 hours a day.

Scope of Services:

The unit shall operate as a multidisciplinary general intensive care unit, Cardiothoracic care and Coronary care unit. Service provided include:

  1. Critically ill patients requiring ventilator support and intensive monitoring.
  2. Provide immediate post-op care of Cardiac thoracic care.
  3. Acute Myocardial infarction cases requiring immediate coronary care for infusion of thrombolytic agent.
  4. Post op cases that required ventilator support and close monitoring.
  5. Post PTCA cases that require close monitoring
  6. Telemetry monitoring
  7. Renal Failure patients on haemodialysis requiring close monitoring.

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