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Patient Guide

Patient’s Rights

Right to health care and humane treatment

  • To receive treatment regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, nationality or disability.
  • To be treated with care, consideration, respect and dignity.
  • To receive emergency care as needed.
  • To have the company of a parent or guardian when a child is admitted.
  • To be provided a translator if needed.

Right to a choice of care

  • To receive adequate information about your condition during consultation and shall have the right to accept or to refuse treatment.
  • To have a second opinion at any time.

Right to acceptable safety

  • To receive a clear, concise explanation in lay terms of the proposed procedure and of any available alternative procedure.
  • To be explained of the risk and benefits of procedure.
  • To have your medical record kept confidentially and safely in the hospital.

Right to adequate information and consent

  • To be informed of the names and positions of the caregivers who will be in charge of your care.
  • To be given relevant information on services and facilities.
  • To receive relevant information prior to consenting any procedure.
  • To receive a summarized patient bill.

Right to redress of grievances

  • To have your grievances heard and dealt with.

Right to participation and representation

  • To participate in decision-making related to your health with the healthcare providers.

Right to health education

  • To seek and obtain advice while in hospital and on discharge.

Right to a healthy environment

  • To receive care in a conducive, clean and safe environment.