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Bypass Surgery In Klang

Bypass surgery

A bypass surgery is a common term used to describe the surgical procedure of restoring normal blood flow to a blocked coronary artery. When the blood flow is obstructed, complications that could arise from this include chest pain (angina) or in more severe cases, a heart attack. A myocardial infarction – commonly known as heart attack, is caused by insufficient or stoppage of blood flow to the heart. This causes damage to the heart muscles which can be potentially fatal.


 As one of the most common causes of death, heart attacks could also leave health complications. Strokes, heart failure, abnormal heartbeat are some of the potential complications of a heart attack. With a bypass surgery, the surgeon will usually use a vein from other parts of your body to replace the blocked artery. The blocked artery is surgically removed and replaced with the graft. Normal blood flow is then restored. 


Who needs a bypass surgery?

The procedure has always been the go-to treatment for obstructed arteries. The most common causes are arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is where the walls of the artery lose its elasticity. It gradually thickens and calcification occurs which causes it to narrow down. For atherosclerosis, the inner walls thicken due to a build-up of fat, cholesterol and cellular debris. The plaque build-up causes blood flow to be limited. 


People who are prone to these conditions are usually exposed to risk factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, over consumption of fatty food, lack of exercise and old age. 


Our commitment

At Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre, ensuring quality healthcare is our commitment towards the community. Our cardiologists and surgeons are experienced in handling various types of heart conditions. A strong Cardiac surgical team comprising of two Cardiothoracic surgeons, a Cardiac Anaesthetist and OT team will ensure expert surgical management. For more information about our bypass procedures, give us a call.