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Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre has a fully integrated Cancer Centre. Well-spaced, well planned, hygienic and comfortable, Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre puts focus on providing quality medical care and services to our patients and their loved ones while maintaining high standards in quality of facilities., technology and human capital. Fully equipped with the latest in technology to provide versatile, efficient and effective treatment for patients –  regardless of the complexity of their tumor accompanied by maximized precision to minimize side effects – our team of highly skilled medical professionals have been steadfast in serving the needs of the Klang community ever since. 


Our Services

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy uses high energy photons to destroy the cancerous cells. Each radiotherapy plan is unique to the individual patient and personalized for each patient to deliver as much radiation dose to the tumour and as low as possible dose to the surrounding healthy tissues.

Chemotherapy uses pharmaceutical drugs to treat cancer patients. It is a systemic therapy which is able to damage the cancer cells at almost any anatomic location in the patient’s body

Hormonal therapy slows or stops the growth of cancer that uses specific hormones to grow. It can be given in pills or injection or with surgery to remove the hormone producing organ. It is widely used to treat prostate cancers and breast cancers.

Targeted therapy inhibits the growth of cancer cells by interfering with specific genes, proteins or tissue environment that contribute to cancer growth and survival. Targeted therapy is usually used together with chemotherapy and other treatments.

Immunotherapy works by marking the cancer cells and therefore allowing the immune system to find and destroy them; or by boosting your immune system to better destroy the cancer cells, 

Surgical oncology focuses on using surgery to diagnose, stage and treat cancer. Palliative surgeries may also be performed to help control pain, increase a patient’s comfort level and manage cancer related symptoms.