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CT Scan In Klang

What is a CT Scan?

CT scan, or computed tomography scan is a medical imaging method that has evolved from conventional X-ray scans. The process involves a machine taking multiple X-ray scans from different angles. Afterwards, these images are then digitally processed and put together to create a detailed cross section view of the scanned area. A CT scan is usually done to help in diagnosing a health problem. Other than for diagnosis purposes, it is also commonly used as a follow-up to surgical treatments to check-up on the recovery process.  


CT scans are more effective at distinguishing organs and body parts in detail than conventional X-rays. Modern CT scans are able to show bone and tissue in detail. This is useful for detecting any abnormalities in the body.  


The Procedure

Most CT scan centers in Malaysia practice similar procedures. Typically, you would require no special preparation prior to the scan. However, there are cases where a specific diet is required especially if it involves scanning of the alimentary canal and digestive systems. A special dye can be ingested several hours prior to the scan to better highlight certain organs and body parts. 


Similar to most other medical imaging procedures, you should remove any pieces of metal from such as bracelets, watches or phones. Claustrophobic patients should inform the operators beforehand. You might be prescribed with some medicine for you to relax throughout the procedure. During the process, you should remain still as much as possible to avoid blurring of the images. 


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