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What You Need to Know About Diabetes?

What You Need to Know About Diabetes

These are 5 tell-tale warning signs of having high blood sugar :

  • Tired, exhausted despite good sleep.
  • Unexplained itchiness, getting skin rashes over groins, legs, and feet.
  • Feet feel numb.
  • Frequent urination with bubbles in the urine.
  • Slow-healing wounds which take more than a week to heal.

3 things your doctor will not tell you about type 2 diabetes?

  •  You have to eat right, eat a healthy diet, learn this by yourself, get help from diet expert. A well-balanced diet well reduces your chance to get Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Get up, gear up and be discipline on your exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week. It will reduce your diabetic complications.
  • Early diabetes can be reversed by healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and weight reduction.

by Dr Loo Chee Yean, Consultant Nephrologist & Physician.